/// French & the city ///

Cultural outings and workshops
to learn French in the city


What if you didn’t have to choose between . . .

. . . learning the language or the culture ?
. . . learning online or outside ?
. . . having an individual or a collective course ?
. . . following your own rhythm or regular deadlines ?
. . . being on your own or meeting new people ?
. . . improving your spoken or your written skills ?

If you don’t want to choose between any of those FRENCH&theCity is made for you.

FRENCH&theCity by theNeverL@b is a LabSchool based in Montpellier, dedicated to developing new ways of learning French mostly through social interactions within the city, creative workshops and digital activities.

The pedagogy and its content are designed in collaboration with a French Researcher specialized in language learning and a French Artist, in order to provide a modern creative approach to learning.

We follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) so as to offer you the most efficient way to acquire each level’s skills and achieve your communicative goals.

How does it work ?

/// Each week you follow a hybrid track ///

[ = lesson prepared for you // key structure and vocabulary ]
[ = meeting your teacher and mates // creative learning-by-doing activity ]
[ = production to evaluate your learning // get an individual feedback ]

A session lasts a month and covers a specific topic intertwined with theNeverL@b Thematic Cycle. Each week of the month you will aim to master a particular communicative skill related to your level of French.

The online prework allows you to individually focus on the lesson at your own rhythm.
The workshop in the city offers you the opportunity to interact with your teacher, your mates and the city actors (citizens, merchants, artisans, etc.) through creative activities.
The online homework provides your teacher a way to assess your progress according to the CEFRL.

Communication, collaboration, reasoning, involvement within this hybrid track enable you to experiment the freedom and the empowerment French language delivers.

FRENCH&theCity by theNeverL@b is an open, playful and safe environment dedicated to language practice and linguistic creativity in order to build self-confidence, improve knowledge and skills, explore the infinite potentialities of French language. It’s a laboratory of experimentation where the unexpected leads to inspiration and the error gives life to creation.

How to register ?

/// Easy, just fill out the form below
& we will get back to you at once
& send you the registration link and details! ///


You can either register for a week or a month. 
(though we advise you to register for a month in order to progress regularly in your language learning & it costs you less !)

Weekly registration (1 week)

Regular fee = 60€
Reduced* fee = 50€

Monthly registration (4 weeks)

Regular fee = 200€
Reduced* fee = 160€

*Reduced fee for students and unemployed

We’re waiting for you !…